Second Pilot - Spain

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INFINITY is transferring the latest advances in Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Visual Analytics to the security field. By working together with the same goal, INFINITY aims to improve the individual and collaborative investigative capabilities of law enforcement agencies in the fight against cybercrime and other security areas.

In December INFINITY partners VICOM hosted the consortium at their premises in San Sebastian for the second pilot of the project. More than 40 representatives from technical centres, universities, companies, and European security forces participated in the pilot which took 3 days from 12th - 15th December, 2022, with everyone coming together to test the different solutions in Virtual Reality equipment.

The evaluation of the pilot provided results that covered expectations, further opportunities, and future development suggestions. From a technical evaluation perspective, the INFINITY system is in line with expectations, although recommendations have been made to improve interoperability. A usability evaluation was carried out and recommendations for further solutions were gathered. The operational use of the produced interesting results, with systems such as communication praised and other areas prompted solutions for further development.

The third project pilot is set to take place before Summer 2023, check back for further updates!