INFINITY aims to transform the traditional idea of criminal investigation and analysis using immersive and collaborative environments. INFINITY's concept is based around four core research and technical innovations that together, will provide a revolutionary approach and convert data into actionable intelligence.

INFINITY is the idea that immersive reality, whether virtual, augmented or mixed, is a game-changing approach to collaborative, interactive data analysis through the entire intelligence cycle.


INFINITY's approach is that analysis must be immersive and collaborative. INFINITY will provide a virtual environment that will be accessible by remote participants. 


Effective interaction is essential for INFINITY to deliver a truly immersive and collaborative product. This will be achieved through the use of innovative mechanisms that will enable users to fully engage with INFINITY and the task in hand.


INFINITY will develop a Virtual Investigative Assistant (VIA) to provide automated assistance to investigators and enable analysts to tailor data visualisations to meet their specific needs.


Latest updates about INFINITY.

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Project Details

The primary goals of INFINITY are; to revolutionise data driven investigations through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to facilitate effectiveness of an investigation and utilise modern innovations in virtual reality, augmented reality and visual analytics in order to facilitate a better intel cycle. Both of which will be driven by end-users and designed to address law enforcement needs.




36 months


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Deliverables and Documents

Below is an overview of the INFINITY public deliverables, clearly stating the type, date of production, the entities responsible and the intended dissemination.