ROXANNE Final conference

Event -

On 29th November 2022 the Final Conference of ROXANNE Project was successfully held in in Paris, France at the Campus Cyber, Capgemini Technology Services.

Almost 120 participants, both in person and online, attended the event. ROXANNE partners had the opportunity to host many distinguished guests from all over the world, including Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), researchers, policymakers, representatives from industry and civil society organisations.

More specifically, INFINITY partner KEMEA carried out an informative presentation of the INFINITY Project, detailing its connection and main differences with the ROXANNE Project. INFINITY was also represented in the panel, which consisted of 5 presenters.

The presentations gave rise to many questions concerning the ROXANNE Project and INFINITY’s valuable contribution to LEAs. Moreover, the main challenges faced and tackled during the Project’s execution, as well as the key results expected, were discussed.

You can find out more about the event here.