INFINITY Consortium meeting – April 2022

Event - 2022-04-25

The very first in-person meeting of the INFINITY consortium took place on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th April 2022. Being the first in-person meeting between many of the technical and end user partners, it provided an opportunity to finally have detailed discussions that have previously been impractical to have online.

Consortium partner UNIVIE led a workshop whereby participants were divided into three groups, each looking at a different topic (monitoring toolkit, social media and law enforcement agency (LEA) input). The participants were tasked with identifying what data is collected, what the possible harms are, and what we need to do to address these risks. The end user partners were also given the opportunity to try out the updated virtual reality (VR) demos.

Overall, the meeting was very successful. Through conversations that took place during the two-day meeting a clearer understanding of potential workflows was achieved, allowing technical partners to now fine tune their modules and to better assist the end user workflows.

con meet


con meet 2