INFINITY: Phase 1 pilot implementation

Blog - 2021-10-28

Christos Voulgaris, KEMEA

The first set of pilot tests of INFINITY took place on September 29-30, 2021. After a bit more than a year after the project’s initiation, the Consortium was ready to launch the first set of pilot tests in a 2-day event that took place virtually, due to travel restrictions that Covid-19 set to the largest part of the partner countries.

In that 2-day event, delegates from all the technical partners performed demonstrations of the modules that were developed at the time of the pilot, and presentations of the modules that were under development as well. Delegates from the 7 LEA partners of the Consortium assumed the role of the end users and had the chance to test the functionality of each one of the modules separately. This first pilot of INFINITY project gave the end users the chance to also test the developed tools against 2 use case scenarios, which were built for the purposes of the pilot tests and aimed to resemble real-life cases that LEAs may encounter in their daily work. That way, end users got a glimpse of what new enhancements INFINITY solution would add to their day-to-day work and how it could possibly enhance their capabilities, once it has taken its final shape after the end of the project.

Finally, there were evaluation sessions after each one of the tests, in the form of questionnaires and live discussions. Those evaluations will provide useful feedback to the technical partners and will be used as input for the upcoming pilot tests. The feedback taken from the pilot tests will help technical partners to further enhance the capabilities of the developed tools, and finetune them in order to become as useful as possible to the LEAs.

Indicatively, the modules that were demonstrated during phase 1 pilot were:

  • Immersive environment
  • Gesture recognition module
  • Graph visualization module
  • Immersive data visualization of object recognition
  • Source integration framework
  • Immersive geo-spatial data interface
  • Immersive data visualization for bitcoin
  • Event detection module
  • Visualization recommender
  • Import system & VIA interface

The two use case scenarios that were used to test INFINITY were:

  • Rapid analysis in the aftermath of a terrorist attack : A scenario that envisions the deployment of INFINITY solution after a terrorist attack  has taken place
  • Analysis of cyber-attack behaviour: A scenario that envisions the deployment of INFINITY solution in an ongoing terrorist attack


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Photo by fabio on Unsplash