2nd Prize in the Open Optimization Competition 2020 at GECCO 2021

News - 2021-06-22

INFINITY’s partner CERTH received 2nd Prize in the Open Optimization Competition 2020, to be held at GECCO 2021. The Open Optimization Competition 2020, held in The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2021, promotes research in black-box optimization, and concerns code contributions made to the Nevergrad and IOHprofiler open source projects.

Nevergrad is Facebook’s open source platform for derivative-free optimization. CERTH received the Second Prize by introducing to Nevergrad  a benchmark for gradient-free optimizers, targeting the real-world problem of 3D Performance Capture, which lies at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics. The code in question found at https://github.com/vcl3d/nevergrad/tree/perfcap_benchmark and is accompanied by a short paper, submitted to GECCO ‘21, describing CERTH’s software contribution, entitled “Benchmarking Gradient-Free Optimizers for 3D Performance Capture in the Nevergrad platform”, authored by A. Doumanoglou, N. Zioulis, V. Sterzentsenko, A. Karakottas, D. Zarpalas and P. Daras.

Additionally, a full paper was accepted in GECCO ‘21 entitled “Zeroth-Order Optimizer Benchmarking for 3D Performance Capture” (A. Doumanoglou, P. Drakoulis, K. Christaki, N. Zioulis, V. Sterzentsenko, A. Karakottas, D. Zarpalas and P. Daras), reporting the results of the benchmark for popular optimization algorithms, and will be presented orally at the conference. Detailed documentation can be found at vcl3d.github.io/nevergrad/, while the paper and supplementary materials can be found in: https://github.com/VCL3D/nevergrad/tree/pb-material.

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