INFINITY - Pilot 3

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The third INFINITY pilot was split into two distinct parts, the first part of the pilot was an in-person testing that took place at the premises of project partner Engineering, in Rome on April from April 26-28th. During this time, INFINITY partners came together to assess the progress using the same use cases as the previous pilots.

The second part of the pilot took place in a hybrid manner, with the INFINITY technical partners and Law Enforcement partners coming together online on 28th June to test the INFINITY tools based on a planned scenario to test the feasibility of INFINITY being deployed remotely by the end user partners using a third use case, which was brand new for pilot 3.

In this part the pilot the scenario focused on a hybrid threat scenario that entailed a cyber-terrorism threat to national critical infrastructure with cross-border security implications. The scenario involved a joint-investigation between two Member State law enforcement agencies who used INFINITY to brief and coordinate investigative actions as well as several tools to identify suspects and mitigate threats.